1. A dealer in real estate; a real estate agent.
    • 1919: United States Senate, U.S. Housing Corporation. Hearings Before a Subcommittee, - Mr. Shannon [witness]. It was composed of an engineer, if I remember correctly, a town planner, a realtor, and occasionally an architect ...
    • 1922: Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt - First place, we ought to insist that folks call us "realtors" and not "real-estate men." Sounds more like a reg"lar profession.
    • 1975: Jerzy N Kosinski, Cockpit, New York, Grove Press, 1998, p.189 - Intrigued by the prospect of an additional commission, the realtor hurriedly assured me he foresaw no problem in obtaining the lease.
    • 1996: Gina Berriault, "The Cove", in Women in Their Beds: New and Selected Stories, Washington, Counterpoint Press, p.194 - Persons who sometimes roam through houses they cannot afford in order to impress realtors, or—though they have not met him before— vindictively waste his time, never venture onto verdant ground and across the threshhold of that property.
    • 1997: Douglas A. Gray, Canadian home buying made easy, 2nd edition, p.72 - The terms agent, broker, and realtor are often used interchangeably.
    • 2002: Sarah Young Fisher and Susan Shelly, Complete Idiot"s Guide to Personal Finance in Your 40s and 50s, Indianapolis, Alpha Books - If you"re relocating and looking for a realtor, you could call the chamber of commerce or the local board of real estate agents...
    • 2003: Gary Andrew Dresden, Confessions of a Gynecologist, Lincoln, NE, iUniverse, p.111 - The realtor was like a carnivore, ready to spring. He was originally from New York and he seemed like the kind of guy who could smell a deal.

7 letters in word "realtor": A E L O R R T.

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ae aero al ale alert aloe alt alter alto ar are aret arle arret art artel at ate ea ear earl eat el elt eorl er era err et eta la laer lar lare lat late later lea lear leat let lo lor lorate lore lot lota lote oar oat oater oe ole olea or ora oral orate ore orle orra ort rale rare rat rate ratel rater rato re real realo rear ret retral retro roar roate roe role roral rore rort rot rota rotal rote rotl ta tae tael tale taler tao tar tare taro tarre te tea teal tear tel tela terr terra to toe toea tola tolar tole tor tora tore torr

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